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The growth of L'Entrepot has been organic, with seed ideas leading to new opportunities, then to new ideas, and so on. One of the very first of those ideas was to host a film series, one which would screen underrepresented films and genres, and do so with an appropriate emphasis on presentation and curation. As an example, there are large numbers of important classic films (foreign and domestic) which have yet to have been shown in New Orleans cinemas, at least within the past decade. Exposing a young or new film audience to these essential works helps create a more robust, interested and informed audience, which can help widen the programming horizon of the local film community at large.

In addition to in-house programming, the space will also serve as a venue for local festivals held by area arts and cultural organizations. It is also presently the case that there is a lack of adequate and affordable screening rooms in the city, and providing assistance to local productions will remain a primary concern.

Simply put, L'Entrepot will provide a centrally-located, comfortable, 100+ seat facility with excellent infrastructure to the New Orleans film-going community, and it will do so in an affordable and inclusive way.

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